Two days and nights of absolute madness

There used to be a bar called Al'Laboratorio in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid. My friends Paola and Carlos had been running the place for 20 years, rocking the leopard print/new wave/post-movida, underground rockstar lifestyle right in the middle of the Spanish night life scene. Anyway, the bar included a creepy yet awesome "cave" below street level where they would host underground DJ sets from time to time. In 2012 it was my pleasure to paint that cave, and I knew exactly what to do: I mashed-up two of my favorite comic artists: the infamous Italian Milo Manara and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, added a few mad scientist touches (the place is called the Laboratory, after all) and did up the whole place in black and white. Let me tell you, it looked awesome with the black lights. Here's a picture:

About a month ago I heard that the old bar had shut down for good but that Carlos and Paola had just opened up a new bar in the Huertas neighborhood. They had to change the name to Labo Club for some shadowy legal reason. Anyway, the problem now was that the bar was boring-looking, which could not be. So of course they called up my good friend and frequent collaborator Ze Carrion and myself to hook them up.

Needless to say, I heeded the call and bought myself a bus ticket to Madrid and so began the two days and nights of pure painting madness. With no real plan, 48 hours, about 100 euros worth of paint, too little sleep or ventilation, one crazy Dutch guy, sweltering heat, a steady flow of curious friends and lost tourists, lots Red Bull and not much food, this is what happened. I can't say its our best work, but the bar is less boring, that's for sure. In the haste and haze of aerosol, we didn't get many good photos. Those that we have are thanks to the crazy Dutch guy, Robert Beattie. Take a look: